Backstage at “The Illusionists” at Marina Bay Sands

Thanks to Danny Yeo from SPH who gave us complimentary tickets to the show “The Illusionists” that is currently playing at Marina Bay Sands.

Ning & I brought our friends Mark Parker and Shaun and watched the Sunday matinee show. Singapore is the second city that the show is playing in, the first being Sydney, Australia. This installment of “The Illusionists” features the cast of Dan Sperry, Brett Daniels, Andrew Basso, Philip Escoffey and James Dimmare.

Here are some highlights of the show, without giving away anything:

Dan’s “mental” personality in the acts (his versions of effects from Sean Field’s and Sean Alexander) that he presented was awesome and is a well-crafted character that he pulls off well. Very cool, novel and fitting with his billing as the “anti-conjuror”!

James was still smooth as silk with his dove act and he does not miss a beat. His technique is truly one of the best in the world and the act is as good as I saw it 12 years ago! From classic bird splits, tosses to his innovative shrinking bird cage, the act is one of the definitive classy bird acts in the world.

Philip was humorous and quick witted with his delivery of mentalism acts. He gave his presentation of Alan Saxxon’s “Confubulation” that was entertaining and had good presentation-psychology to mask the methods he used (not the traditional!)

Brett’s horse carriage appearance, that was also in his “Wohscigam” show, was a nice illusion to close the first segment of the show. Interestingly, it uses his apparatus for his Lamborghini Appearance.  You will also see many of the illusions that he is known for like  a new version of the “Marilyn Monroe” illusion, Daniel’s Levitation and Andre Kole’s “Jet Turbine Engine” illusion. A bit of background info, Mark previously worked on Brett’s show when he performed in the U.K. a couple of years ago. He actually helped set up the Jet Turbine Engine illusion that was featured in the show.

Our favourite act, however, was Andrew’s presentation of the “Water Torture Cell”. It is a full-view version of Houdini’s signature escape. Beautifully choreographed, executed and performed!

As most of the performers are our friends, I arranged for us to meet the cast backstage after the show. We got an exclusive backstage tour of the stage checking out the stage set-up, chatted with the magicians, discussed the show, history of the illusions & props and just had fun with our industry peers.

With Andrew’s “Water Tank”

Ning in front of the “Jet Turbine Engine” illusion!

The show is going through some changes and tweaks as it goes through its run here in Singapore. It is a worthwhile show so catch it before the run ends on 4 Mar 2012. We have been invited back to watch the show again near the end of the run. See you there!


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8 Responses to Backstage at “The Illusionists” at Marina Bay Sands

  1. Tan says:

    Will you guys do those water tank thingy? looks good!

    • jcsum says:

      Haha! Ning loves it and always wanted to do it. But, we need to have a completely different presentation to others. So we shall see! 🙂

      • Puyo says:

        I wonder how different it has to be for Magic Babe Ning to do a water escape. It’ll be cool if it’s a water tank escape that incorporates her blindfolded straightjacket plus spikes because spikes are as dangerous as water! 😮

      • jcsum says:

        Hopefully, she will get to do this VERY soon! 🙂

  2. Mari says:

    I approve on Ning considering on doing a water container escape in the not-so-distant future! 😀

  3. Tan says:

    i remember i saw one act in USA. By some street magician. cant remember the name. They actually invite viewers underwater to see. in a swimming pool. totally different from in a tank .. more close and exciting. should do something different! you guys can push the limits for sure! JC u probably can do it too! haha

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