Back in the Studio… just for a few days

Ning & I got back on Monday from Penang and immediately headed back to the studio where illusions were returning from Kuwait and a different set was heading to Kuala Lumpur for another show on Friday.

Mark Parker dropped by to give us a hand moving our gear in what seems to be a jigsaw puzzle of moving cases around corners, through corridors and into the cargo lift.

After that, we collectively worked on an illusion design that I have had on the backburner. I came up with the original design and Mark has given significant input resulting in a fantastic co-design of a piece of equipment that will be fabricated when we return from overseas.

We had Ning contorting herself into different positions to get measurements and see how the illusion would form around her body. It is a necessary process of illusion design and quite an interesting exercise 🙂

Tomorrow we fly out for a small illusion production where we will be sharing the stage with Tony Clark and Nesto Hato. David Lai, who we worked with a few weeks ago in Kuwait, will be producing the show once again and I’m sure it will be great!


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