The “Telepathy Deck” – A Stunning Mind Reading Act with Cards

In conjunction with our “3 Sides of Magic” world lecture tour, Ning & I have decided to release a closely guarded mentalism act and tool of ours – the “Telepathy Deck”.

The mentalist shows a blindfold and blindfolds his partner who stands off to the side away from him throughout the act.

A deck of cards is cleanly displayed to the audience, both fronts and backs. A spectator is freely asked to touch the back of one of the cards while the mentalist’s head is turned away. A card is sighted and lost back into the deck. Impossibly, the blindfolded partner names the card.

To eliminate the possibility of the mentalist manipulating the cards, he puts the deck halfway into the card case and holds it through the card case. The mentalist riffles through the deck by its exposed corner and a second spectator freely stops at a card and remembers it. The deck is allowed to drop into the case to eliminate the possibility of the mentalist controlling or making a note of the position of the cards. Incredibly, the blindfolded partner names the card again.

To further eliminate the possibility that the mentalist is still manipulating the cards, the deck is divided into two and a third spectator chooses one half. This half is held together by a rubber band. The spectator is handed the deck face up and is asked to lift up any amount of cards and sight a card at that point. Amazingly, the blindfolded partner names the card yet again.

*The solo performer can perform the exact same routine without a partner and name all the cards after all the selections are made.

The “Telepathy Deck” is a diabolical mentalism act that features a two-person mind reading system coupled with a special deck and deceptive handling to create an amazing multi-phase routine where each selection seems fairer and cleaner with each card.

It is also perfect for the solo performer looking for a powerful sleight-free and surefire mentalism routine.

Some things to note:

  • The combined methodology is diabolical and cancels out each other in the course of the routine.
  • Besides live performances, you can also perform this with your partner on the telephone, without him/ her even being in the same location as you.
  • If you do not have a regular partner, you can teach an assistant or confederate how to perform this act within 10 minutes.
  • The routine is sleight-free and surefire.
  • You can perform the routine solo.

Comes complete with the full routine, two-person mind reading system and the special custom gimmicked deck.

US$50 + shipping

We performed a version of this act in Kuwait on live national TV!

This mind boggling mentalism card act was also performed in Penang at our very first “3 Sides of Magic” lecture and was sold out in a snap. You can now buy it exclusively from Magic Boutique HERE.


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