“3 Sides of Magic” Lecture Debuts in Penang

Ning & I just returned from Penang from our first “3 Sides of Magic” lecture, the first of a world tour. The highly successful event saw us share our close-up, mentalism and stage magic to about 35 magicians.

We presented a collection of practical and original routines that ranged from close-up acts, illusion productions and a variety of mentalism routines. The response to the variety of material was tremendous and feedback was very positive. Everyone went away with multiple ideas, effects or routines that they could use; whether they were hobbyists, professional or semi-professional performers.

We closed with our original two-person mentalism act “Code of (Silence)”. Besides our methodology, I also shared with participants my original handling of a utility move that can be used for multiple effects, routines and applications. This was a favourite for many of the participants.

After the lecture, we conducted a Q & A session and then presented the organizer, Barry Khoo, with a special token. He in return gave us awesome gifts that were personalized and unique! Truly special!

As a special treat as the first city of our lecture tour, we then proceeded to conduct a special prize giving session where two lucky participants received a “3 Sides of Magic in Penang” poster as well as a limited edition “Pentad Deck”.

Finally, Ning & I “hawked” our wares by showcasing the various products we brought up for the lecture. We had literally one and a half suitcase loads of stuff ranging from lecture packages to notes to effects and books. We were pleasantly surprised to have 90% of all our products bought up including all but one of our complete lecture packages. BTW, you can buy our complete “3 Sides of Magic” lecture package HERE.

One product, that was not explained in the lecture but only performed, the “Telepathy Deck”, was sold out very early. This is an original mentalism act and deck that is time-consuming and difficult to put together. I had originally thought that the high price tag would make it unattractive to buyers but I was so wrong. It is heartening to learn that participants saw high value in our creations. I’ll blog about this product in my next blog entry.

After the sales portion of the event was over, we spent the next hour signing lecture notes and posters for all participants. It was great to have a few words with everyone and get feedback for the event. Most stayed back all the way and we even got a group photo in!

More than 20 enthusiastic participants joined us for dinner afterwards where we chatted further, exchanged ideas and just had a good time.

It was an extremely production trip to Penang. We were able to test our lecture and see how it fared with a “real paying” audience. We have minor tweaks to make but overall, it was a great lecture that will get better as we lecture more in different countries.

Besides magic, we also got a bunch of things we needed and had good food & company!

Ning is “auditioning” for a role in a food TV show based on the above photo! 🙂

A beer the late-night before our lecture!

Thank you Barry, Joanne and Penang, we will continue lecturing in Asia before we move to Europe and the US.


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