Grand Illusion Show for BMW Japan Awards Night

In just a few hours time, Ning & I are headed up to Penang for our inaugural “3 Sides of Magic” lecture. We are really excited for that as we have a killer event planned.

We just got back from a long two days of rehearsals a big illusion show for BMW Japan. The client was looking for a world class headliner entertainment act to grace the event and we got picked from a very short list. We are thankful that corporate event planners look to us when they have a specific request for high end entertainment. This time, over 100 exclusive guests were flown into Singapore from Japan for an incentive event and we were booked to stage a customized visual illusion show. 

Early today, we loaded in and did a tech run to make sure all was in order. Audio, lighting and video has to be fine-tuned for a show of this magnitude. We headed back to the studio mid-day to continue packing and preparing for trip to Penang .

For this show, we left out the illusions that are still on route from Kuwait but we presented some favourites such as Human Light Tunnel, Shadow Vision and Crystal Metamorphosis. But, we also included an illusion that featured an actual BMW Car and the magical appearance of their director of sales!

The crowd made up of all Japanese natives loved the show and reacted wildly (as appreciate Japanese audiences do!). The bursts of gasps and applause for the last two illusions in particular was crazy! 🙂 In reflection, it was interesting how, less than a week ago, we were thrilling citizens of Kuwait with our illusions and today Japan. Just shows that magic is a universal language!

We had a great magic team assembled for this show as well as very strong technical support from the AVL team as well as great representation from the talent managers. We were loaded out from the venue within 30 minutes after our show!

Thanks to everyone for the great work!


About J C Sum

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