New 3 Sides of Magic + Beyond the Stage 2012 Lecture Notes

Our spanking new lecture notes, “3 Sides of Magic” and “Beyond the Stage” (2012 Edition) are out and are available at our lectures or from Magic Boutique exclusive items HERE.

“3 Sides of Magic: Close-up, Mentalism & Stage Routines for Live Shows & Television” is the name of our world lecture tour and in these notes, 8 original routines and acts are explained in great detail with over 60 photos and diagrams.

Routines explained include:

  • The Olive Cups – A Unique Two-Cup Routine & Approach
  • Eye Drops – Giant Contact Lens Production from Eye
  • Shrinko Decko – A Visual Shrinking Deck Kicker
  • The Red Envelope – A Presentation Utility for Mentalism Routines
  • Teddy Bear Box – A D.I.Y. Production Box
  • The Invisible Bookmark – A New Utility for Book Tests
  • Code of (Silence) – A Devious Routine for a Two-Person Act

You can buy the new lecture notes HERE.

We also have a collection of exclusive custom-made props and gimmicks sold separately should you not want to make your own. These items include: Eye Drops”, “Shrinko Decko” and “The Invisible Bookmark”.

In addition, all the above is also offered as a complete package where you save 20% of the total price. Check it out HERE.

“Beyond the Stage: Elevating Your Magic & Performing at the Professional Level” is a set of lecture notes that I first wrote in Dec 2006 for a Micro MAGIC Convention that I organized the next month. Seven years on, I felt it was appropriate to revise, update and expand the notes to reflect current magic and business market trends as well as include a lot more information based on the additional experience and knowledge that I have acquired since then.

I was happy to see that all of the fundamental information and techniques I shared are still relevant today as they were when I first started using them myself at the start and through the course of my career as well as careers of magicians that I worked with. While the basic approaches are the same, I have updated all sections of these notes to help magicians elevate their magic and perform at a professional level in 2012.

These notes were written specifically for magicians looking for opportunities to showcase their magic at a high level. I wished I had this type of information in one place when I first started in the business – an affordable set of notes that would save valuable time in building and marketing myself as a magician. I would have saved so much time, money and effort.

You can purchase the notes as a printed set HERE or as a PDF HERE.


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