Show Day for Abracadabra 2 in Kuwait

29 Jan 2012 was the first day of the 6-show run in Kuwait City for an illusion production show entitled, Abracadabra 2. The show is produced and promoted by Event Mania. The previous day was spent loading in and setting up but today was a full day.

We woke up at 6am to head to one of Kuwait’s largest TV networks to appear on a live morning TV talk show. We took turns chatting with the hosts and showcasing a bit of our magic. Ning & I presented our “Code of (Silence)” act to the stunned TV host. This is an act where Ning is blindfolded and yet reads the mind of the person.

Here we are with (from L to R) Rafael (Comedy Magician from Belgium), Sylverster the Jester, a TV crew member, producer David Lai, myself, Michael Grasso and Ning.

We wrapped up the show just before noon, where we then headed for the first full run through of the show. We had a one hour break when the bomb squad came in to sweep the arena for security precautions. We presented two shows, one at 4.30pm and one at 7.30pm.

For the illusion production show, we presented a 15-minute act with a couple of our illusions including “Crystal Appearance”, “Impassable” and “360 Sawing”.

The crowd responded strongly to the illusions and audience interaction. We have always been well received in the Middle East and we were happy that the people of Kuwait were just as warm.

The only other illusionist in the show is Michael Grasso. He has a slow deliberate style that contrasts strongly with our hard-hitting dynamic style so it was a great combination in a show like this. Grasso performed his Fire Spiker, a simple but arty card manipulation act and Suspended Animation.

Rafael and his assistant Jenny presented several very creative acts that were highly entertaining and funny. I’ve known Rafael for years online but this is the first time we actually met and it is the first time I’ve seen his acts. Brilliant!

Sylvester the Jester is a “Real Life Cartoon” and I watched his act on TV in the early 1990s! He does such wacky “acme” visual comedy magic stunts that is different from anything in the world. It was amazing to see his gadgets backstage! And, if you did not know, he is quite a fantastic sleight of hand performer.

Keelan and Charlotte have become my favourite quick change artists as they have a story and context for every change they do. It was very refreshing to see such an act!

David Lai did a fantastic job putting this cast together as it made for a very rounded and entertaining show. 4 more shows to go!

All photos are credited to Andrew Lee


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