Backstage at Abracadabra 2 in Kuwait

We spent the better part of the day unloading and setting our illusions in the 1200-seat arena where we will be performing 6 shows over the next 3 days.

We are one of the stars of an illusion production show produced by David Lai. Among the international cast are Michael Grasso (US) known for his good showing at a recent “America’s Got Talent” TV show, Sylvester the Jester (US), quick change artists”Keelan & Charottle” (British IBM Grand Prix Champions) as well as the highly creative and entertaining Raphael (Belgium). Ning & I represent Asia with our illusions and will be performing four acts as part of our set for the production show.

Today, we navigated our way backstage and built up our illusions ready for rehearsals. We took turns overseeing the design of our lighting and movement of the props. We also took advantage of the LCD wall backdrop and created a custom teaser video to introduce us just before we come on stage.

We designed the lighting to create the best theatrical setting for our illusions and to complement the feel of each illusion performance. I think the overall production show is going to be awesome because there is a good varied cast and each act brings something different to the show.

Tomorrow will be a long day with TV interviews and the opening two shows of the run. Check back to see how they go!


About J C Sum

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