What to expect for “3 Sides of Magic” in Penang

In about 3 weeks, Ning & I will be heading up to Penang for the very first stop of our world lecture tour. “3 Sides of Magic” will see us perform and explain a collection of professional routines that we use in our live & television performances.

The material we will be presenting is completely different from our first workshop event that we did in Jan 2011 in Penang. It covers a wide range of routines that will appeal to magicians of all levels and interest. In addition, we will have a specific discussion on performing for South East Asian audiences and international audiences.

Because Penang is the very first city we are lecturing in, we have a few treats for all participants:

Free Exclusive “The Mind Heist” souvenir poster! We have printed up an additional run of the poster that was only available to the 100 participants at our recent world record setting mega illusion. This will be limited to the 1st 40 participants who book their seats.

Lucky Draw Winner for Exclusive “3 Sides of Magic in Penang” poster. One lucky participant will have a chance to win this one of kind poster as shown above.

Lucky Draw Winner for our Limited Edition “Pentad Deck”. One lucky participant will have a chance to win this deck of cards that is sold out worldwide.

Early Birds will  be entitled to a 16.5 % discount off Lecture Package that will include full lecture notes, props and gimmicks. The discounted price is RM$100, original RM$120.

In addition, we will arrange with the organizer to have an informal dinner get together after the lecture so participants can spend a few more hours with us if they like.


1.30pm Registration
2.00pm “3 Sides of Magic” Performance/ Lecture Part 1
3.00pm Tea Break
3.15pm “3 Sides of Magic” Performance/ Lecture Part 2
4.00pm Q & A with J C & Ning
4.30pm Dealers Booth/ Free & Easy
5.00pm End

Early Bird Prices before 1 Feb 2012

Lecture Fee: RM$80.00
Lecture Package: RM$100.00

Prices from 1 Feb 2012

Lecture Fee: RM$120.00
Lecture Package: RM$120.00

Book Your Seat at:

Barry Khoo
Barrini Magical Productions
Email: barrini.magic@gmail.com
Mobile: +6 012-4833-420

Jacky Lee
Top Magic Fun Centre
Lot. 33-3-02 Prangin Mall
Jalan Dr. Lim Chwee Leong
10100 Penang
Mobile: +6 012-453 3064


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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