100 Minds in 60 Minutes! Part 2 – Patrons of Magic Award

Continued from Part 1 HERE.

After we were presented with the certificate of record from the Singapore Book of Records, we were presented with a first ever “Patrons of Magic” award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring 115.

(All photo credits: Weili Chua)

This is the first time Singapore magicians have been recognized this way and we are honoured and humbled by this gesture. We believe that breaking through to mainstream consciousness and acceptance is really the key to elevate the art of magic. That is why our focus for the past 5 years has been staging original never-before-seen mega illusions in the world and creating innovative exciting illusions.

We have concentrated all our efforts and resources only on projects, illusions and elements that differentiate us at an international level. We have been fortunate that our mega illusions and style have been embraced around the world, allowing us to put Singapore on the world map in many different ways.

John Teo, President, International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring 115 presented us the silver trophy cup along with a letter of award after giving a short address.

After the awards presentation, we ended the live stream portion of the event and took interviews with different media including Razor TV, Channel News Asia, Omy.sg and xinmsn. Thanks again to all the media who came down and also previously covered the event.

After the media interviews came our favourite part of our mega illusions – meeting fans and friends. We had an exclusive poster for the 100 participants who took part in the historic record-setting event. We spent another hour meeting, speaking and taking photos with people. I hope that it was a really good experience for them!

The entire “Mind Heist” experience has been a fantastic one. We already have got inquiries  on recreating a smaller scale version of this show for events. While we will never replicate this same “100 minds in 60 minutes” feat, we will modify our “Illusion of the Mind” show to reflect the highlights of “The Mind Heist”.

Finally, I would like to thank our team behind “The Mind Heist”, without whom we could not have achieved this world record.

From a pure magic technical point of view, internally, this is a very unique production. No other mega illusion had the same work flow or production schedule as there are two completely different aspects of this mega illusion. The magic team was our invisible pillar of support! Thanks to Mark, Mac, Michael, Sam, Gabriel, Ru and Jia for making it all work!

The production team from Sinema TV made the live stream possible and of course also provided the venue for the stunt. There would be no “Mind Heist” without them. Nic, Jill, Charmaine, Peiwen, Charmaine and Jade made Sinema a perfect partner for this mega illusion. They will also be editing a complete program that will be uploaded to their Youtube Channel soon!

Pamelyn Chee, part of Irene Ang’s Fly Entertainment family, was also a pleasure to work with and we look forward to work with her again on other projects!

The edited video of the entire stunt will be online soon so look forward to that. If you missed the Channel News Asia prime time news story on “The Mind Heist”, you can watch it in the link in the news article HERE.



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