The Mind Heist Stage is Almost Set

We are just 3 days away from “The Mind Heist” where we attempt to set a world record of reading 100 minds in 1 sitting.

Ning & I have put a lot of focus and energy on this mega illusion and it has been mentally exhausting. We just finished one full day of practice/ rehearsals with Mark Parker, who is consulting on the stunt. Currently, we have reached about 78% accuracy but it is not good enough to achieve 100 out of 100 minds to get the official certification from the Singapore Book of Records.

In the meantime, the venue is being prepared at Sinema Old School where the stunt will be taking place.

The procedure of the stunt has been laid out. One hour before the start of the stunt, representatives from the Singapore Book of Records and the International Brotherhood of Magicians will oversee Ning & myself being blindfolded, ear-plugged and seated in an isolated “black box” with 3/4″ of glass between us and anyone else. This procedure is to ensure that we do not have contact with any of the 100 people or our crew prior to the mega illusion. The isolated black box is situated downstairs from the theatre where the mega illusion will take place.

As the 100 arrive at the Sinema Old School Theatre, there will be able to view us in our isolated black box and take photos and upload them to Facebook or Twitter. They will then be registered and each given a number tag from 1 – 100. The 100 will include impartial individuals from various media outlets.

Only when all 100 participants are seated in the theatre, will the representatives from the Singapore Book of Records and the International Brotherhood of Magicians escort us from the isolated black box to the theatre, where Ning & I will see the 100 people for the first time.

We will then attempt the world record-setting feat where we have been given 1 hour to read the minds of 100 strangers.

If you would like to attend the mega illusion, sign out HERE.

For international viewers, this will be our first mega illusion that will be streamed live via the Internet. We will have a 3-camera set-up to capture the entire stunt as effectively as possible. Streaming times are below! Streaming link will be available on or


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