The Week Leading Up to “The Mind Heist”!

It is just over a week to our 9th mega illusion – The Mind Heist. This will be a week of preparation and media interviews leading up to our big stunt. When we first announced the mega illusion on 1 Dec 2011, Channel News Asia was the first to cover the illusion event.

More recently, Shin Min Daily did a great feature on the stunt on 27 Dec 2011. Besides highlighting the event, they also described the journalist’s experience of having her mind read by us!

Next week will be a quite a full week of media coverage on the Mind Heist. Look out for interviews and features on Xinmsn, Today, and later in 8 Days magaziine.

On Tuesday, Ning & I will head down to the 98.7FM studio at Scape in Orchard for a chat with the Muttons, Justin Ang and Vernon A. On Thursday, we will be on Cartunes with Jean Danker and Bobby Tonelli on Class 95.0.

On Friday morning, Ning & I will attempt some “Illusions of the Mind” on Channel News Asia’s AM LIVE! morning show. Separately, on the same day, Ning’s cover photo magazine and interview should also hit all Guardian stores nationwide!

Of course, Sat is the BIG day! If you want to be one of the 100 people whose minds will be read, apply HERE.

As another tremendous show of support from the world’s largest magic organization, Vanni Pulé, International President 2011- 2012, International Brotherhood of Magicians, sent us a video message yesterday. Check it out here on or below:


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