New Illusion Design Update

I’ve just about finished the material specifications for our new illusion. Currently, entitled “Shadow Walk”, it will be made from 95% aluminum and stainless steel so there is a lot of custom cutting and welding to be done for this prop.

Determining gauge and thickness for the metal used is critical in ensuring the prop is stable, sturdy yet as lightweight as it possibly can be. Due to the demands on the prop for the various physical illusion effects, safety is also an issue so the material has to hold up.

One major improvement that has been added is an additional phase and element where I have incorporated my “Steel Displacement” illusion design from my book “Equilateral”. This makes the new illusion a 3-phase illusion with three different illusion effects in one act with one central prop. This is unique in itself.

The art direction and colour scheme of the finished prop has also been finalized and improved upon. I have opted for a post-modern style applied to our typical urban industrial feel of our illusions. The addition in time and cost to style the illusion uniquely will go a long way to help create another “one-of-a-kind” illusion for our professional repertoire.

I hope for a completion date sometime in early-Mar 2012 with an additional month or two to make the illusion stage-worthy.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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