Have Your Mind Read, Pentad Decks and More!

If you have not signed up to be one of the 100 people whose minds will be read on 7 Jan 2012, Sat. Do so now! As you probably know by now, Ning & I will be attempting to set a world record for reading 100 minds in one sitting. Don’t miss out and sign up here.

The very last remaining 8 decks of our Limited Edition “Pentad Deck” are available as a result of a non-paying customer. So, this is your chance to get one of these decks, autographed if you like. No more will be printed! Order it HERE.

The photo is credited to 52 Cartes. Check out the awesome card blog at: http://52cartes.wordpress.com/

Two weeks ago, Ning & I presented a new presentation of our “360 Sawing” illusion on the famed French TV show “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”. We are performing on a special episode that is being aired on New Year’s Eve on French TV and the international French channel TV5.

We have made a lot of French friends in magic and one of them is Alexandre Henry. Last year, he released his own magic set with a big book publisher in France. It includes solid basics of magic and includes the props and gimmicks needed to learn and perform the tricks. This is a French language set but will be an ideal gift for kids and magic enthusiasts in all French-speaking countries. The set has sold quite well with 19 859 units being sold all over France, Belgium, Morrocco. Check it out at his website here.


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