New “Shadow Walk” illusion in the works

It has been almost one full year that we have not built one of my original illusions for our shows. The last large-scale illusion that we built was for “The Aerial Exit”, a complex illusion that saw 5 people vanish 24ft up in the air.

In Jan 2012, after our “The Mind Heist” mega illusion, where we will read 100 minds in one sitting, we will begin fabrication work on a brand new illusion – “Shadow Walk”.

This new illusion is a “missing” link in our illusion repertoire in terms of the nature of the effect, dramatic texture and most importantly originality.

We have been booked for multiple overseas engagements next year with several shows having us share the stage with other talent. So, to a certain extent, necessity is the mother of invention and besides our signature “360 Sawing” and “Crystal Metamorphosis”, we need more illusions that really set us apart on the world stage.

“Shadow Walk” is a two-phase illusion with different phases influenced by different illusion effects that already exist. But the combination of effects and presentation handling makes this new and fresh.

I came up with this illusion about 2 years ago but only worked out the technical details on the flight back from France after we filmed our performance for “Le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”.

Like most of our current illusions, the majority of the illusion will be built from aluminum and stainless steel. From a technical illusion design point of view, there is one design element that I have never seen in an illusion before which makes the workings possible. While the audience will never know of this feature, it is technical solution that I’m proud of 🙂

Look out for this on stage in the new year!


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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