Limited Edition Pentad Deck Selling Out!

OMG! We never expected our “Limited Edition Pentad Decks” to be so popular. The first gross (144 decks) that were picked up by Murphy’s were sold out in a day! They have since restocked another gross but half have been sold out overnight as well!

We have sold more than 100 decks ourselves so that means there are less than 100 decks left in the inventory.

Thank you so much for the support and interest in our decks. It was really a little pet project that we thought a handful of fans and card collectors would be interested it. But, apparently, that “handful” is a pretty big group.

Popular French card blog highlighted our “Pentad Deck” in a recent interest that must have contributed to the popularity of the cards with card collectors. You can read the entry here.

Only 500 decks were printed  Once the decks are sold, NO MORE will be printed. This is a one-run limited edition deck to commemorate Ning & my 5 years together as a professional magic team.

The deck retails at US$10 exclusive of shipping. You can buy it autographed from Magic Boutique HERE.

While stocks last!



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