Introducing the Limited Edition “Pentad Deck”

Whoo Hoo! Here is a little pet project that we have been working on for 21 months – believe it or not! Sheesh, we first approached the artist back in 2009 to design the back of the card!

We wanted a unique item to commemorate our half a decade milestone as a professional magic team. Hence, the name “Pentad”. “Pentad” is a Pythagorean term for the quantity of five and also refers to a period of five years.

We explored many ideas but decided on a custom deck. However, we did not want the traditional geometrical design that most custom decks use, like the gorgeous decks that Ellusionist or Theory 11 puts out. So, we contacted a talent artist, now based in Japan, Eldred Tjie, who specializes in manga art.

Eldred hand-drew the gorgeous full-coloured back design featuring a potpourri of artistic imagery featuring signature elements of “J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe'”! Among the elements, you will see Ning’s sais, our “Crystal Metamorphosis” and “Revollusion”.

The Gemaco® casino quality poker-sized cards are printed in the U.S.A. on fine European paper stock and features regular faces. Each deck also includes an extra blank faced card. The card stock is very nice and is slightly thicker and stiffer than the traditional Bicycle Rider or Mandolin decks.  Each deck is encased in an all-silver tuck case with a clear front window that shows off the playing card back design.

Thanks to Matthew Lee for additional design elements and Bernard Sim for taking the photos.

The deck retails at US$10 exclusive of shipping. You can buy it autographed from Magic Boutique HERE.

We are so pleased that Murphy’s Magic Supplies has also agreed to add this unique deck to their catalog so it is also available from magic dealers worldwide (not autographed of course!)


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