Illusion Show in Pattaya, Thailand

This past weekend I was up in Pattaya, Thailand, with Adeline, Samantha and Mark Parker for an illusion show for a private event. Besides staging a 40-minute show, we also magically produced two VIPs out of thin air.

It was a version of my appearance described in “Illusionary Departures” where a VIP appears on an open-frame platform surrounded by lights. We enhanced the illusion by having the silhouettes of the pair magically levitating down from the ceiling onto the platform. This was reminiscent of Steinmeyer’s “Elevator” Illusion. It got a tremendous response from the 800-strong audience.

We were flown down for the Las Vegas-themed event and the organizers even built two giant Merlion statues with sprouting LED lights to flank my stage to highlight my Singapore heritage! Impressive!

This week, I will be finishing up pre-production for “M for Magic” Season 2 as well as preparing for another overseas trip for an illusion performance. The last week of Nov will also be hectic with rehearsals, a photoshoot for Ning and prepping the announcement of our next mega illusion on 1 Dec 2012. Stay tuned!


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