A New Name Added to Murphy’s Magic Supplies All Star List

It is a tremendous honour to be recognized as an “All Star” magic producer by Murphy’s Magic Supplies, the largest wholesale magic company in the world.

Of the hundreds of magic producers that offer over 8,000 magic products through Murphy’s, there are less than 40 producers worldwide who are selected as “All Stars”. “All Stars” are recognized for their exceptional high quality products and commitment to producing products that are of significant value to the magic community.

While I have released only a limited number of products through Murphy’s at this point, “Behind the Illusions DVD” (with Ning), “Urban Illusions”, “Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows” and the upcoming “The Event Magician” two-volume set, all the releases have been best sellers and specifically, fill voids or cover little explored subjects in the magic marketplace.

So, it is humbling to be added to the short list that includes illustrious and respected names in magic for magicians such as Paul Harris, Bob Kohler, Mikame, Luis de Matos, L & L Publishing and Hermetic Press.

What I’m particularly proud of is, to put Singapore on the world magic map once again, in a different way. While our mega illusions and shows have made significant impact in the magic entertainment scene, this is the first time a Singapore magician has been recognized for high-value contributions to the magic marketplace.

The high volume of products that have moved worldwide, unanimous positive reviews (so far) and now making the highly selective “All Stars” list are strong acknowledgement and validation that Singapore can produce world class magic, not just for the mainstream public but also for the international magic community.

Thanks to all the magicians worldwide and Murphy’s for the continued support. The best has yet to come 🙂

As our performing schedule starts filling up, Ning & I will be releasing just one more “product”  later this year. It will be unique limited edition item mainly for fans and discerning collectors. We are thrilled that Murphy’s will be adding this item to their catalog and it will be available through magic dealers worldwide.

I will also start off 2012 by mass releasing a slightly updated edition of “Illusionary Departures” (the book that started it all).

Thanks again all for the honour! Check out my “All Star” page HERE.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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