Official Review of Beyond the Mirror

Thanks to Red Dot Magic for the review of “Beyond the Mirror”! It was a full house so they were squeezed at the back but I’m glad that did not detract from the show.

You can read the review HERE.

A sizable group of magicians also had a chance to watch a segment of the show on Sat night at a private party. I presented my opening “The Purse” act, “Ambitious Destination”, “The Morgan Mysteries” and “Lesson in Magic”/ “The Tomato Can”.

I thought it would be a good opportunity to share at least part of the show to the local magic community since there has been quite a bit of buzz about it. The funniest thing I heard commented was that I could not do close-up as I was a stage illusionist. Lol. But, anyone who really knows my work or know me personally knows what a passion I have and what I have developed in the close-up field in terms of original routines, plots and structured acts. Ignorance is not always bliss.

So, I was happy to present part of the show to a diverse group made up of seasoned magicians and young talents. I think they were secretly thrilled to see something special and very different from anything that is out there. I was personally really happy to interact with all the different magicians, especially enthusiastic younger magicians who all show so much promise. I have been invited to a ticketed magic show organized by Republic Poly on 17 Nov so will try to make it down as several of those magicians will be performing at the show.

Tomatoooo….. can!


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