The Next Mega Illusion Event

Ning & I will be presenting our next mega illusion event in Jan 2012. The last mega illusion we presented was for the National Heritage Board campaign finale where we made 5 museum-goers vanish 24ft up in the air while surrounded by 1000 people.

Significant mega illusion events we have presented in past years include teleporting 50 stories in 5 seconds, performing 15 illusions in 5 minutes, teleporting 3 people across the Singapore River and predicting the national 4D lottery.

The goal of every mega illusion is to create a live event that is truly unique and will intrigue audiences worldwide – particularly the mainstream public and media. We are also thrilled that many of the mega illusions have also captured the interest of the international magic community.

As with every mega illusion, the question is how to present something that has “never been done before”. There are so many good ideas in magic but it takes a great idea to make an impact on mainstream consciousness and pop culture landscape.

For this upcoming stunt, we wanted to created an event that will intrigue right from the announcement. Besides the inevitable “how will they do that?”, I think many people will also be thinking “how will they actually go about doing that?” I’ve shared the mega illusion with a few marketing and PR people and those were the first two questions that came to their minds.

The “how will they actually go about doing that?” part of the stunt is actually harder than the “how will they do that” part. It has actually taken me a few years to work this part out. The staging and “story-telling” of the stunt is what will make or break the illusion. The technique magic methods could only be worked when this critical issue was solved. I had toyed with different approaches over the years but finally determined the exact sequence only this year.

We will be making the official announcement on 1 Dec 2011.

If you are wondering what the mega illusion, here’s a hint. I actually mentioned the basic concept of this very illusion in a media interview a few years ago. You can find it on the Internet!


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