Beyond the Mirror Full Show

The first ticketed “Beyond the Mirror” went off beautifully last night. This was the full 60min version of the formal close-up show. It featured many of the acts that I performed for the showcase as well as new ones.


lighter“The Purse”

card“Ambitious Destination”

pea“The Elusive Jamaican Red Pea”

tomato“Tomato Can”

esp“Triple Divination”

dice“Dice Explosion”

As far as I know, there has never been a close-up show of this kind in the country before. It is a first in many levels, artistically and commercially. The acts have also evolved so much over the last two years and improvements are literally made week to week. Safe to say, the show will feel very fresh for laymen, educated laymen and magicians alike.

More than likely, we will firming down a date in December for another installment of this show in a popular dining venue. So, that will be another ticketed show if you missed this one. We are also exploring to bring this show overseas!

In the last few months, a small handful of people have watched various parts of this show in my studio. Most have been magicians with the occasional delivery man who gets “forced” to watch an act or two so I can get a laymen’s perspective…. LOL!

It has been a very exclusive show so I’ve also made it a point to keep the whole show under wraps. But, there are opportunities to watch snippets outside my studio… if you are in the right place at the right time!









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