The Most Important Books I Have Written

“The Event Magician” two volume book set is the most important books I have written for the commercial performing magician!

90% of all professional performing magicians are event magicians in some way. Whether they are performing for a kids birthday party, at carnivals or mall or high end corporate events, these are all events. 100% of magicians who start out performing commercial work will work events.

There has never been a book in the history of magic literature that has explored and discussed performing & marketing in the special event industry in this detail. In addition, the information presented in these volumes will be the most current available.

As a commercial creative artist, I know the value of the material, The information will literally cut down years off your learning curve and allow you to create value for yourself as an Event Magician almost immediately.

The mindset and paradigm shift will be the one of the most valuable “lessons” one can learn from the book. Buyers can also be assured that the information shared is proven in the real world, not just at a local level but at an international one.

When I first released “The Event Illusionist”, it received critical acclaim because of how the material was written for the event performer, specially an illusionist. I’m glad illusionists all over the world benefited from the information. Many of the very successful young working illusionists today bought the book and developed their career based on strategies and approaches in the book.

The new “The Event Magician” breaks new ground because it was rewritten and reformatted for all types of magicians – close-up magicians, stage performers, mentalists and illusionists. The updated material reflects improvements in my own techniques and tactics employed in Ning’s and my own career.

So, if the information is so valuable and solid, the question on your mind might be “Why would you release this information to the mass magic market?”. Well, simply, because I think the time is right. I made the decision that after 7 years of limited direct release, I was at the point in my career where I could and should release all my books to the mass magic market.

I have always been a proponent of information sharing with those with a genuine interest. I embrace the current information age. More importantly, I also believe by releasing the information, the entire standard of the industry can be raised if everyone steps up their game. Good competition will only raise the industry up and increase the value of all magicians and magic as a whole. This will (selfishly) also benefit myself as a member of the industry.

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