“Beyond the Mirror” – The Most Exclusive Magic Show in Town

My new formal close-up show has been officially launched and an exclusive showcase is being held next week on the 4 & 5 Oct 2011 at a concept bar in the heart of town, Boat Quay. The by-invitation event only will include owners of high end venues, executives from F & B outlets and integrated resorts as well as high end corporate event planners. More info on this showcase later.

The show is entitled “Beyond the Mirror” and is designed specifically for high-end venues & VIP hospitality events.

The material has literally been in the work for the past eighteen years. The name of the show is a reference to magicians practicing in front of a mirror before performing for a live audience. Hence, the name of the show, “Beyond the Mirror”. It is also a reference to Lewis Carroll’s classic work of literature “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and its sequel “Through the Looking-Glass”.

If you are a reader of this blog, you will be familiar with my previous show “Urban Underground” that was kind of a transitional show between producing my close-up material for a formal setting and now creating a full-on theatrical close-up show. The material is 90% different from “Urban Underground”. In fact, the only surviving routine is a new version of the show closer “Dice Explosion”.

The material in this show is 100% unique with original presentations, plots and structure.

Here is the “official promo” for the show:


The show is designed for small intimate settings and an exclusive limited audience size.

It is a perfect combination of visual and intellectual magic presented with wit, light-hearted humour and a theatrical flair. J C’s incomparable personality and the original acts will appeal to and amaze the most discerning & well-traveled audiences.

The duration of the show can be between 20min – 60min show and is designed for up to 40 guests for same-level seating arrangements or up to 100 guests for tiered seating arrangements.

Each show is customized to the venue, audience size and preferred duration.

“Beyond the Mirror” is entirely self-contained and a custom casino-inspired semi-circle table with skirting is set up just for your event/ venue so that the presentation and quality of every show is consistent.

All that is required is for audience chairs to be positioned in front of the table in a theatre-style seating arrangement. A recommended seating arrangement plan and show details are provide upon request.



About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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