Odds & Ends Updates

It has been a busy 2 weeks so here are a whole bunch of updates of what has been going on and what will be going on in the near future.

Illusion Shows

We are having a blast designing illusions and shows for upcoming corporate shows. From corporate awards ceremonies, conferences, product launches and dinners, we are privileged to still be the #1 pick when it comes to high-end events with the budget to do a sizable show.

Besides shows in Singapore, we will be bringing the show overseas in the next two months. We have also been officially invited (first Singapore artistes ever) to tape for a well-known TV show in Europe. If schedules work out, we will be flying over with a couple of illusions to rock that stage.

Formal Close-up Show for High End Venues & VIP Hospitality Events

The show that I have been seriously working on for the past 2 years (though material dates back 18 years) has been refined to the point that it ready for promotions and bookings.

The show is at the other end of the spectrum of our mass mega illusion events for thousands of people. This show is for exclusive small audiences (50 guests and below) and features content completely different from anything I have ever presented publicly. Personally, it is a nice artistic balance for me to go back to my close-up roots and present this show for the “right” audience while still performing our illusion show for the mainstream public.

I have a separate team who is handling the promotions of the formal close-up show and also getting investors interested in placing the show in different venues. Several venues have expressed interest and we are also organizing a 2-day private showcase at the end of Sept for potential venue owners and event organizers.

Due to the very niche target market, no public videos will be made available for any of this material; although, I’ve shared private rehearsal videos of the latest improvements of the show. Thanks to you guys for comments and suggestions. We are at the home stretch for the final production of the show.

Big excitement and buzz for a small show.

The Blade Pyramid in Action & VIP Appearance

Thomas Clark (www.magicsax.com) sent me a couple of photos of him with The Blade Pyramid Illusion in performance. He worked out several presentation touches and should have a video demo for magicians looking to add this illusion to their show.

On a related note, I’m also happy to announce that Thomas Clarke will be the authorized builder for another one of my illusions, The VIP Trunk. This will be an improved version of one of the illusions that is in one of my illusion books and plans. It is designed to make VIPs and Celebrities to magically appear and is very deceptive. The entire illusion also packs flat into itself and will measure about 38″ x 38″ x 6″ when closed up. Look out for details soon.

The Event Magician Vol 1 & 2

I’m technically due to submit the final drafts for my new book set “The Event Magician”. However, Vol 2 has yet to be completely. I spent more time than expected adding new information and research material in Vol 1.

Vol 2 will also take some time due to the changes in the marketing and social media landscape that has transformed the way Event Magicians promote themselves. But, I do need to complete this by the end of the month to meet the publication deadline.

M for Magic Season 2

Here is some good news for up & coming magic stars in Singapore! We are firming up production details and planning for a 2nd season of “M for Magic”. In this series, Ning & I play hosts to introduce a roster of young upcoming magicians to the world. Produced by Sinema TV, the show is designed as a 6 – 8min webisode and we worked with talents to showcase themselves on a broadcast media platform. As in the Season 1 finale, Ning & I will likely perform some new magic to close the show.

If you would like to be featured on the show, start working on your material and possibly a demo video. Official “casting calls” will be made soon!

New Year-End Public Show

Ning & I are working on a ticketed show for Dec 2011. We have a collection of new material that would be perfect for the venue but have not decided whether to go ahead 100% due to other commitments and schedules. I assume we will have to make a decision and set a date by early Oct 2011.


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