Sneak Peek into The Event Magician Vol 1 & 2

As I mentioned before, I’m currently re-writing a “new” book that we are targeting to release to the international magic market by mid-Oct, just in time for preparations for the busy year-end season for most magicians who perform in the special event industry. I will finish re-writing Volume 1 this weekend… I hope!

Here is the a sneak peek into the marketing copy of the 2-volume book. The 2 volumes will be sold separately.

“The Event Magician” is an updated & expanded 3rd edition of J C Sum’s critically acclaimed “The Event Illusionist” that was first published in 2004 and updated in 2008.

The all-new “The Event Magician” has been released as two volumes and has been re-written to cater to all types of magicians who perform for special events. The event industry is likely the first industry that a budding magician will find work in. For 80% of the professional and semi-professional magicians in the world, all of their work is from special events of all kinds.

“The Event Magician Vol. 1” focuses on building a stage magic show for the international event industry. In the first book of its kind on this subject matter, J C covers all aspects of performing magic at events including understanding the nature of events, choosing material, planning the show, formatting the show, designing the staging, ensuring technical support, packing & transporting the show.

J C also discusses onstage and backstage management at events including taking an exhaustive look at magician’s tables available on the market. Also released for the first time ever are J C’s updated professional Show Calling Cue Sheet and Technical Rider, refined over his 18 years of experience in the event industry. This information alone is worth the price of the book!

The book includes a special bonus chapter that comprehensively covers performing an illusion show in an event setting.

“The Event Magician Volume 1: Designing A Stage Show For Special Events” features 85 pages of practical information on building an event magic show.

“The Event Magician Vol. 2” focuses on the business side of being a magical entertainer in the event industry. Whether you are a close-up magician, mentalist or illusionist, you will learn proven strategies to build a brand and position in this industry. J C details scenarios, examples and hard-hitting advice designed to help you succeed in this specialized field.

As one half of “Asia’s Most Famous Illusionists” (The Straits Times), along with ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, the “sexiest woman in magic” (Magicseen Magazine), J C discusses the building of a personal brand as well as developing a team brand. He also shares up-to-date marketing tools and business documents such as professional show contracts, quotations, invoices and non-disclosure agreements.

In a special bonus chapter, J C discusses magically producing a VIP for a special event to add value to your show as well as justify a higher fee. He also shares an original VIP appearance illusion that can be easily and inexpensively built.

“The Event Magician Volume 2: The Business of Magic for Special Events” features 65 pages of practical information on building a professional career in the event industry.


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