Presenting “The Blade Pyramid” New Illusion for Magicians

As mentioned in my previous post, Thomas Clark is the authorized builder for a new illusion of mine called “The Blade Pyramid“.

The physical prop has been completed with only the front graphic of a silhouette of a girl not yet applied. Thomas has done an amazing job with the illusion and I’m really impressed at the speed and quality of this build.

Here are photos of the prop without the silhouette graphic first.

As you can see, the finished prop is really close to my original design!

The illusion can be finished in any colour(s) with any kind of graphic design elements. From hazard warnings with yellow & black tape to oriental designs. You are limited only by your imagination.

While I made plans available for this illusion, there are almost a dozen design and build improvements that Thomas and I made during the professional build process. These improvements are not and will not be updated in the released plans as they are “trade secrets” of a professionally built illusion.

The improvements include:

  • Changes in materials for increased strength and durability
  • Construction methods for strength and deceptiveness
  • Additional elements to make the performance handling easier and smoother

As you can see the finished illusion is very deceptive and I can assure you of the quality of the fabrication and materials used.

The current introductory pricing for the illusion starts from US$1500 – ridiculously affordable for an illusion of this size, scale, materials and build quality.

The introductory pricing will only apply to the first few orders, so contact Thomas today at  to discuss a custom prop for you asap.


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