The Blade Pyramid Pro Model in the Works

If you listened to my latest audio show, “How Build an Illusion Show for $500 that Can Be Performed Almost Anywhere” audio show, you would likely have downloaded a free UNPUBLISHED original illusion plan –“The Blade Pyramid”.

The plans outlined a professional illusion that is practical and designed for the working magician. I have a modern design for the illusion but we also offered alternative design suggestions like an Egyptian-themed prop.

I also gave a run down on how to build a budget version of the illusion. However, for those looking for a high quality professional built prop, I’m pleased to announce that Thomas Clark (, out of North Carolina, U.S.A., is the authorized builder for this illusion.

He is currently completing the finished “The Blade Pyramid”. I’ve been updated on almost a daily basis with the progress on the build and we have also discussed many design improvements and building methods that are not in the plans.

It is looking amazingly deceptive and is a sweet-looking prop. He should complete the illusion by this week and magicians will have a new professional fabricated illusion they can purchase. But of the arrangement is to make this an affordable professional illusion for workers, so the price will be below US$2000, excluding shipping from the U.S.

Expect a couple more of my illusions being licensed to illusion builders around the world!


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