Coming Soon! “Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows” Book

Coming very soon!

By popular request over the years, I have completed a new book devoted to kids & family magicians looking to add scale to their kids/ family show or provide a larger scale effect for a special show.

It was an interesting project because all my previous books were for professional illusionists performing in formal venues like showrooms, cruises, theatres and corporate events. However, there is a huge group of magicians who require less complex illusions for smaller or more casual shows. I found that a lot of material available to this segment of magicians was a bit too simplistic or amateurish looking.

So, my goal was to create professional level illusions that were relatively inexpensive and easy to build. The result is “Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows”.

Many of the illusions had been designed or conceived some time ago but they were sketches in my notebook and not proper plans. So, I started the task of working out the specifications, material lists and dimensions which were then translated into plans. As I have written about several times before, this is the most tedious part of illusion designing.

Many people have notions or concepts of ideas but it requires experience and knowledge of material, building techniques and parts to know how the materials come together to form an illusion. I always ensure my plans have dimensions so that they can be an accurate guide for the reader. After all, if there are no detailed dimensions, they can’t be called “building plans” can they 😛

Originally, the plan was for the book to be available only from Magic Boutique. However, Murphy’s got a whiff of the wind and wanted to see a copy. I sent them the file and they almost immediately committed to have the book as part of their product offerings. Some tweaks were made and the book will be in production in the US very shortly.

Dan Wolfe, Smoky Mountain Magic, a professional magic prop and illusion builder, has been kind enough to write a foreword for the book. As a builder and performer for props, especially targeted for kids & family magicians, I thought he would have a valuable insight and opinion.

I have also given the book to a well-known kids & family magician in the US. His name would be familiar to most, especially those who perform for this market. He has kindly agreed to do a pre-release review of the book. So a special review, before the book is even out! So, look out for that soon too!

Here are the details of “Pack Flat Illusions for Kids & Family Shows”:

Are you a kids or family entertainer looking for more stage props and illusions beyond the dependable classics such as the square circle, dove pan, tip over trunk, drawer box and Zig Zag Girl? Are you looking for a Harry Potter-themed illusion?

From making a birthday cake appear to changing giant cereal boxes into an aquarium full of live fish, the illusions routines, presentations and designs are contemporary and relevant for today’s audience.

New illusionists will find practical illusions that they can fearlessly try as their first illusion. Seasoned professionals will find inexpensive solutions for illusions to add to their existing shows.

All the illusions are detailed with fully illustrated building plans and dimensions. Designed for the working performer, the illusions are practical and pack small/ flat for easy transport.

“For most situations, from a living room to a small stage venue, you’ll find them to be effective, baffling and workable.  Solid ideas from one who’s actually been in the trenches and KNOWS what works.

Creatively, it has been some time since I’ve read a collection of illusions that weren’t just old ideas with a new paint job.  J C’s fresh ideas will come at you from the side.  Where standard effects are used, he offers surprising innovations and unexpected combinations that raise them to a whole new level.” 

~ Dan Wolfe

53 pages.

The contents include:

A D.I.Y Illusion Box to Produce a Balloon Animal, Stuffed Toy or Doll

A Unique Design & Routine for a Production Box

Magically Produce a Birthday Cake Surrounded

A Girl Production Illusion that Costs Less than $100 to Build

A Magical Scientific Contraption for Endless Possibilities

Magically Produce a Kid From a Wizard’s Trunk

A Multiple Colour Changing Cereal Box to Fish Aquarium Illusion

A Complete Vanish Climax for the Head Twister

Some questions that you might have:

Are these illusions expensive and difficult to build?

While these are professional-grade illusions, there are not complex or difficult to build. Some are very simple that you could put together in minutes. Others will require a basic workshop with the ability to cut/ join wood as well as metal angles or flat bars.

In the field of illusions, the illusions would be considered very affordable to build and relatively easy for an experienced builder.

Can the Illusions be Performed Surrounded?

Most illusions can be performed surrounded, if not with the audience on 3 sides. But some illusions cannot be viewed from the top.

How different are these illusions from illusions detailed in your other books?

These illusions are designed specifically with the kids/ family audience in mind. So the plots, routines and presentations are geared for that audience and market. The illusions are also designed with the professional, semi-pro or part-time worker so they are relatively inexpensive and can be transported easily.

Do I need to have illusion knowledge to understand this book?

You do not need any illusion knowledge. While these are professional level illusions, the book is also written as an introductory to professional illusions, methods and techniques with detailed references listed.

The book will be available on pre-order from all good magic dealers worldwide. Magic Boutique will also sell the book with FREE shipping worldwide on pre-orders!

Pre-orders will be announced soon!


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