TEDxNTU Talk on Creativity “Behind the Magic: The Value of Being Different”

A couple of months ago, I was invited to be one of the speakers at the first ever TEDxNTU. The videos are finally online and you can watch my presentation here or below:

As you probably know, I spoke on creativity. Naturally, creativity has many facets and bear in mind that the talk was limited to 15min, I focused on one small aspect. I did, however, ask the organizers to extend my time by a minute or two so that I could do my blindfold act.

I have facilitated and spoken on creativity previously for training sessions and conferences for corporate groups. The material I developed for the TEDx talk originally ran about 45min – 60min inclusive of magic acts to emphasize points.

As with all initial brainstorming, the key is idea generation and not to have any restrictions including time limitations, audience profile etc. After generating the content, I started organizing the material and structuring the talk. The original outline for the talk included:

  • Introduction
  • Value of Being Different
  • How to Be Different
  • Overcoming Barriers to be Different
  • Closing

In order to fit the time, I had to take out the “How to” and “Barriers” portion of the talk. But, I still developed the material for future talks. I’m sure I will speak on the subject again soon.

I have been invited to speak at another TEDx event currently scheduled for 31 Aug 2011. This will be the first ever TEDx after hours event, with the first one being in San Francisco. In this talk, I will bring the audience on a journey inside a magician’s mind. Stay tuned for details!


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