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The past two weeks have been busy with multiple projects. Besides rolling out “Behind the Illusions” DVD, the 2011 mass edition of “Urban Illusions” has also begun shipping after some production delay in the US. You can order it from Magic Boutique here and get FREE SHIPPING worldwide.

I have also completed another book project that I have been working on for some time. In fact, some of the designs date back 10 years. This book, “PACK FLAT ILLUSIONS FOR KIDS SHOWS” will be my fourth book on original illusion designs but it is unique because it was created for the kids & family entertainers in mind. It contains 8 original illusion designs and while they are of professional level, the illusions are inexpensive and fairly easy to build. This will be released very shortly, so check back soon.

The office has also been busy with putting together pitches and proposals for many major corporate shows, conferences and launches. From full illusion shows to special illusion effects and our interactive illusion show, the variety and dynamic show nature is what makes our job exciting and never dull.

I have improved existing stage acts as well as created new ones for our show. Ning & I get requests to perform stage versions of teleportation acts, so I designed one that not only features that effect but also showcases our brand and personalities. I’m also proud that my “UV Magic Act” has had a major development and I may get a chance to perform it in multiple shows in several countries shortly. It is quite the visual spectacle and I’ve added more visual effects that look awesome under black light.

I’m personally really happy because I’m also getting quite a few opportunities to perform a number of exclusive close-up engagements. Followers of this blog will know that I’ve been working seriously on my formal close-up show for the past 16 months. The first incarnation of that show was “Urban Underground” and I got to perform/ lecture it in Penang, some private shows in Singapore and for the public in “M for Magic LIVE!”.

As with a lot of my work, the show has evolved and is now completely different from the 1st version. Of course, I would never have reached this version without the first. Several magicians have had a chance to come down to the studio to see several work-in-progress routines. Several of the “M for Magic” magicians also got to see a sneak preview of just a few routines.

These live previews have helped refined the routines and many have been modified based on response and feedback. I’m now at the stage of filming the rehearsals to improve on timing and technique. The show should be ready by August and for Singapore F1 bookings in Sept 2011.

Here is a run-down of the routines’ names. Many are cryptic and may not reveal much… but here they are anyway 🙂

  1. Boxed CSB/ Triple Destination
  2. Cup(s) & Ball(s)/ Tomato Can
  3. Inverted Aces
  4. The Morgan Mysteries
  5. Dice Explosion

Rounding up the show are three bumper routines called “Packing Light”,  the “Power of Instilling Subliminal Suggestion” and a final one called “Weight Training”.

The show is even more intertwined, cohesive and flowing than the original show. The routines are more powerful, more textured and most importantly, to me, feels different. Show bookers and audiences are assured of experiencing a magic show that they have never been seen before in this form. The structure of the show is unique and the only magicians I can think of who have developed this type of show are Albert Goshman and Domiqnue Duvivier, both whom are influences for this 30min show.

As you can see, the only recognizable routines from the original “Urban Underground” show are “Inverted Aces” and “Dice Explosion”. Silver Teleportation and International Passage have merged together, with new phases, to form one mega three-coin routine. Causalities of the evolution of the show are “4 x 3” and the “Three Shell Game”. These will sadly be back-up routines even though they are really good and solid show pieces.

The upcoming months will be busy with shows as well so all our for-magicians projects will be put on the back burner. But, it is great that all our new creations and acts will see the stage in “real-world” venues and shows!


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