Wrap up for “M for Magic”!

It is a wrap! After about 4 months of work, 10 episodes of “M for Magic” have been released! Thanks so much to all the viewers and support for the shows. Views are increasing each day and will only grow over time as more people will get to learn about the project.

Congrats to Kyle Ravin for winning the “Most Outstanding Magician” of the series and to Darren Tien for winning the “People’s Choice Award”… by a landslide!

You can watch both their episodes below:

I would like to thank the great team at Sinema TV for their great creative work, effort and dedication to the project.

Designed by Sinema TV, “M for Magic” is an independent magic program featuring the future in local magic (youth talents) brought to you by J C Sum & Magic Babe Ning, Fly Entertainment and Sinema TV.

The purpose of the project was to create a platform for young magicians to showcase themselves  and their magic. The young Singapore magicians featured include: Alexander, Samuel, Matthew Lee, Harapan Ong, Tommy K, Ming Da, Larry the Daredevil Magician, Adeline Ng, Kyle Ravin, Alvin Terence, Maya, Darren Tien, Godwin Tan and Timothy Leow.

Thanks also to Irene Ang and Fly Entertainment artistes who lent their support and name to our young magicians include: Crispian Chan, Rebecca Tan, Stephanie Carrington, Pamelyn Chee, Bobby Tonelli, Benjamin Heng, Jamie Teo, Caroline Cheong and Adele Wong.

The online TV project also had a spinoff show that featured fantastic live performances by Samuel, Alexander, Alvin Terence, Adeline, Kyle Ravin, Matthew and Ming Da.

The projects also drew a little media attention with features in a couple of media outlets including:

  • Channel News Asia.com
  • in2it.sg (Safra’s online portal)
  • 93.3Fm
  • 98.7FM
  • Rediffusion
  • The New Paper
  • Omy.sg

Watch all ten episodes at www.youtube.com/sinemaTVSG


The season finale that feature Ning & myself performing for Irene and a couple of FLY artistes have been getting great response. If you have not watched it, you are missing out!

I have developed a concept for “M for Magic” Season 2, so hopefully, all parties will be align to make it happen later in the year. If you are a young magician interested to be part of a similar project and work with Ning & myself, think about some material that will work well with the show and format!

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