Urban Illusions Book Shipping This Coming Week

Finally, the new 2011 Mass Release Edition of “Urban Illusions” will be shipping from the US this coming week!

Like our successful and highly rated “Behind the Illusions” DVD, you can order the book from any magic dealer worldwide.

You can also pre-order direct from Magic Boutique and get shipping FREE worldwide. Order it HERE.

Take note, this 2011 “Mass Release Edition” of Urban Illusions does contain“The Impossible Teleportation” mega illusion (50-storey Teleportation) that was included in the previous edition available only direct from me. The price of that edition was US$150 compared to the new edition which is now only US$90. The price has also been adjusted to be more accessible for illusion enthusiasts and magicians looking to add scale to their show.

If you want “The Impossible Teleportation” and all my books as well as want to save money, check out the “Ultimate Illusion Collection” that is a compilation of all 3 of my illusion design books.

I have sold about 20 of these books so far from magicians in 8 countries. With the “Mass Release Edition” of “Urban Illusions”, this is the only place to get “The Impossible Teleportation. In addition, to a package price for the book, we are also featuring FREE SHIPPING worldwide. This is very significant because the book weighs 1.5kg!

Order it HERE.


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