A Great Start for “Behind the Illusions”

Thank you so much for the tremendous support! The first batch of “Behind the Illusions” DVDs have been sold out on pre-orders alone. Magic dealers worldwide have been restocked so you can order your copy today with a regular order.

Magic Boutique still offers FREE shipping worldwide for the DVD that you can purchase HERE.

Murphy’s Magic Supplies, who produced and distributed the DVD set, has been tremendously supportive in their efforts to distribute the product. In email exchanges with them, they highlighted what a great start it was with the sell-out during the pre-order period; especially since this is a DVD not on street or card magic but on stage illusions.

It has done better than any other DVD on illusions at this point and we are all cautiously optimistic that it will continue to perform well. Buyers should be getting their copies as I write this so I expect reviews to come in soon!

“Behind the Illusions” is currently on the “What’s Hot” list of top selling products in the past 2 weeks and it is also featured as one of the highlight products of the month on Murphy’s index page rotating banner graphic.

See the “What’s Hot” list at the bottom left corner of the picture.
We are currently number 8!

Ning & I are really proud to offer the international magic community an invaluable resource (our humble opinion) and put Singapore again on the world magic map. No other Singapore magic product from the magic community has sold so well so fast before. Early response indicates that magicians worldwide are seeing value in our work but I will reserve speculation until actual reviews come in!

Thank you once again:-)


About J C Sum

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