Things to look forward to for this week!

This is going to be an exciting week with lots of things going on!

Our “Behind the Illusions” DVD pre-orders have been coming in and major magic dealers have been taking pre-orders the past week. All of them featured the DVD as featured products in their websites, blogs and video channels.

Murphy’s Magic Supplies who is producing and distributing the DVD from the US has us featured as one of their upcoming featured products. The support from them has been amazing and we are all excited when the DVD hits stores and ships out… which should be very soon.

You can pre-order “Behind the Illusions” from Magic Boutique now to enjoy FREE SHIPPING worldwide! Take advantage of the offer! Order it HERE.

The last episode of my 3-part audio series will be up on Wed. Titled “How to be a Superstar Illusionist”, it explores how an illusionist can develop his/ her branding. My audio series is very new but it is building a small following. I expect the entire series to be valuable to illusionists of all levels and think word of mouth will spread quickly. I might even look into getting them translated! Listen to the first two episodes HERE.

Speaking of audio shows, I will be heading to the MediaCorp radio station on Tues for a pre-recorded interview with William Xavier for a night show called “In the Hot Seat” that will air the following week on Tues evening on 93.8FM.

The last episode of “M for Magic” is also going to be released this week on Thurs or Fri. I have not seen the footage yet but if it was captured well, I’m confident it will be the strongest magic ever produced in Singapore.  That’s a bold statement with the great state of magic in Singapore today but I think we pushed the envelope very far this time round. The whole series has looked really good (Watch all 9 episodes so far here) so we know we had to step up to the plate to end it with a bang.


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