Thoughts on the “M for Magic” Project

8 Episodes of “M for Magic” has gone online and the LIVE show is also in the history books. Episode 9 will be out shortly. Red Dot Magic did a short review of one of the LIVE shows here.

Look forward to the final episode which stars Ning & myself with Irene Ang and some of her Fly Artistes. When she invited us over to her cafe to film the season finale, we thought we should come up with something special. So stay tuned for that.

With the packed schedule the past 2 weeks with shows and wrapping up the “Behind the Illusions” project with the US, I took the time to reflect on “M for Magic” to see if we reached the goals of the project. I spoke to Ning as well who shared her views on the episodes aired so far.

Our whole point of the project was to create a platform for young Singapore talent to gain exposure and showcase their talents to a wider audience than they might already have.

We also wanted it to be a learning experience in filming for camera and working with a professional team. And, I’m sure every magician involved would have gained valuable insight on producing their material, blocking for the camera and a host of other “tricks of the trade” that they are unlikely to learn in such a short time on their own.

We are glad most have made full use of the opportunity to learn, grow, gain experience and even use it as a platform to showcase themselves. Besides that, several had the opportunity to work the live show, be part of media interviews and built ties with other magicians.

I know many are happy they took the step in reaching out to us and providing us with videos and photos of their work for consideration. We are glad they did too and hope they are being recognized as one of the upcoming magic talents in Singapore.

I’m personally am really happy to have worked with all the young talent and get to know them better. Working with them on their acts and presentations also helped hone my producing skills.

Ning & I are open to exploring more projects to give deserving young magicians a platform if it is different enough and has real value for the magicians, magic community and the mainstream audience. Let’s see if scheduling allows for us to pursue it later this year.

Check out all the “M for Magic” episodes so far here.


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