Brand New for the Magic World – Behind the Illusions DVD Set

Introducing to the international magic community: Behind the Illusions DVD Set!

Ning & I are so happy to be able to announce that Murphy’s Magic Supplies will be producing and distributing a first of its kind DVD set on illusion instruction.

This project has been described as ground breaking because of the nature of the information shared and the depth & detail of the material. In the history of magic, there has never been so much information on modern illusion design, performance and presentation ever released in DVD before.

There is very little DVD instruction on illusions in the world. Rand Woodburry’s excellent “Illusionworks” series was released more than 15 years ago. Two years ago, L & L Publishing released a 4-Volume DVD set on the Pendragon’s work that featured the technical aspects of illusions they performed. But that is about it.

We were honoured when Murphy’s Magic Supplies approached us last year to discuss a variety of projects to fill this void of illusion material in the magic marketplace. “Behind the Illusions” is the one of the projects they have gotten behind. I’ll detail more info on the backstory of the DVD set in another entry.

The DVD set is produced & distributed in the US and will start shipping from Murphy’s Magic Supplies to dealers worldwide at the end of May 2011.

It will naturally be available, autographed, from Ning’s Magic Boutique.

Check out the trailer for this first of its kind DVD set:

Here is the official description of the DVD set:

“In this groundbreaking DVD set, learn the design, performance and approach to modern stage illusions through one of the top illusion teams in the world.

J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, “Asia’s Most Famous Illusionists” (The Straits Times), take you behind their illusions and share their experience & expertise by analyzing 10 cutting edge illusions in live performance.

Through their electrifying illusion presentations, J C & Ning offer a comprehensive overview to stage illusions that will be invaluable to stage magicians & illusionists of all levels.

The duo covers illusions of different sizes and scale to illustrate various learning points, highlight design elements and shed insight on their personal techniques, motivation and philosophy of performing illusions for today’s audience.

As a bonus, for the first time ever, J C & Ning will share behind the scenes information on one of their live mega illusions, “The Aerial Exit”.

 Information shared in “Behind the Illusions” include:

  • Illusion Performance Approaches & Tips
  • Stage Movement & Blocking for Illusions
  • Working with an Assistant/ Partner
  • Making Illusions Unique through design and/ or presentation
  • Illusion Design Approach & Philosophy
  • Illusion Building Tips
  • Thoughts on Overly Performed Illusions
  • Illusions – to buy or to build?
  • Choosing the right illusions
  • Illusions with Multiple Uses
  • Recycling Illusions
  • Lighting Enhancement for Illusions
  • Illusion Cloth Handling
  • Casing Illusions – Managing space, weight, time and efficiency through illusion breakdown design.
  • Resources for Illusionists
  • Illusion Reference/ Credits & History

Illusions used to illustrate teachings include:

Crystal Metamorphosis

An original design for a see-through “Substitution Trunk” built for speed
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Choreography & Movement, Lighting Design

Crystal Appearance

An original design & approach to performing the “Crystal Casket” illusion
Teachings: Deceptive Base Design, Illusion Construction

Smoke Chamber

Everything you need to know about building a version of this illusion
Teachings: Deceptive Base Design, Illusion Construction

Human Light Tunnel* / Shadow Vision*

A reinvention of the Jim Sommer’s “Lights Fantastic” mini-illusion
Teachings: Illusion Design, Rights Infringements, Designing a Presentation to Enhance Stage Character & Branding, Onstage Cueing Between Performances


A reinvention of Jim Steinmeyer’s “Through a One-Inch Hole” illusion
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Presentation, Casing & Transporting Illusions

Light & Space

A high-tech “Spiker” style illusion using LED Light Staffs
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Recycling, Examining Illusion Appearance Reveals

Theatre of Shadows*

The classic illusion, Shadow Box, presented in a modern illusion show
Teachings: Classics in a Modern Illusion Show, Choosing a First Illusion

Modern Art*

A different presentation for Jim Steinmeyer’s neo-classic dividing girl illusion
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Presentation


An original presentation for an illusion with a giant industrial fan
Teachings: Illusion Design, Character Development through Presentation, Creative Illusion Thinking, Show Production

360 Sawing*

J C’s complete redesign and rebuild of Gerry & Lenora Frenette’s “Woman’s Revolution”
Teachings: Illusion Design, Illusion Choreography & Movement, Ethics & Rights

* While approaches to illusion design are discussed, the exact methods of properitory illusions are not revealed. The viewer will need to have a working knowledge of basic methods and principles used. Full credits and references of all illusions are included in the DVD.”

Available from all good magic dealers worldwide from end May 2011

For our non-US & UK magicians, you can pre-order “Behind the Illusions” from Magic Boutique now to enjoy FREE SHIPPING worldwide! Take advantage of the offer!

Order it HERE.


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