M for Magic LIVE! @ Sinema Old School

“M for Magic LIVE!” is in the history books and performers and crew did an excellent job making the show a great success. The shows were held at Sinema Old School, a theatre that is just perfect for the type of show we staged.

We had a great 80% – 90% capacity for the different shows this past weekend. It seems that the $10 rear seats were not popular at all! Most went for the premium and regular seats!

This was a formal close-up magic show, a very seldom seen type of magic show in Singapore and was billed as “Street Magic off the Streets”. It was just great close-up magic!

I’m waiting for kind souls to provide more photos but in the meantime, here was the rundown of the shows. New photos are provided by Red Dot Magic. Thanks guys!

The performers for the different shows were Kyle Ravin, Adeline Ng, Matthew Lee, Alvin Terence, Samuel Sim, Alexander Yuen and Ming Da. I hosted and performed part of my “Urban Underground” show as well.

Response was great and the audience were really into the show.

Kyle’s performance was very well received as he performed a fire eating act, needle from eye effect and closed with an escape from a black straight jacket. His ability to connect with the audience and manage his “assistants” from the audience was acknowledged with solid applause and reactions.

Adeline did a great job representing the fair sex as the only female magician in the shows’ line. She presented a number of effects that she presented on the “M for Magic” series. Starting with her Rubik’s Cube juggling with instant solving of a cube finale, she presented her version of Farquhar’s T2P, a signed torn & restored photo (of a rubik’s cube). After slicing through a borrowed $50 note, she magically restored it. She closed with a mind reading act with giant playing cards and her signature blindfold juggling routine.

Matthew took the stage with his zany personality and bent a spoon. After which, he borrowed a $10 note and transformed it to a $100 million note…. Zimbabwe note that is. He attempted a version of Slydini’s “Paper Balls over Head” and added a tissue rose transformation to real rose as a kicker.

Alvin Terence presented a mentalism routine that included reading the minds of 3 random spectators. He first wrote predictions of their thoughts on pieces of paper and crushed them into balls and placed them into a wine glass. After his successful prediction routine, he isolated the glass under a protective glass case and got the audience to concentrate on the glass. Through the collective powers of the audience, the wine glass jumped as if some unseen force had struck it.

Samuel had the audience on his side with his likable personality and opened with a neat coins and glass act. He first produced 3 coins from the air and then made them magically travel audibly into a glass. The last coin, instead of magically appearing the glass actually visibly penetrated through the bottom of the glass. You could hear the audience gasp as the coin melted through. Next, he picked an “awesome” girl from the audience who assisted with a bill transposition effect. And finally, closed with a cute sponge rabbit routine that included the magical appearance of a whole litter of tiny sponge bunnies.

Alexander was a crowd favourite with his witty & charming personality. It helped that he also presented some very good magic. He opened with a multiple coin appearance/ vanish routine that eventually saw the last coin magically transform into a jumbo coin in a blink of an eye. He proceeded to perform a cheeky cards to pocket routine with a female spectator followed by card effect with a razor blade. Both routines showed his performance experience and skills as a commercial magician. He closed with a performance of Williamson’s 2-cup Cups & Balls routine that ended with a lemon, tomato and lime as well as a well deserved ovation from the audience.

Ming Da rounded up the line up of young magicians with his version of Steve Spill’s needle swallowing routine. With the help of a spectator and a torchlight, he swallowed a bunch of sharp stainless steel needles followed by a length of thread. He then pulled the needles out of his mouth which were now threaded by their eyes at intervals on the thread. The amazing routine puzzled the audience as all the swallowing of the needles and thread was done under scrutiny of the spectator at close range.

I closed the shows with a large segment from my “Urban Underground” formal close-up show that included “Silver Teleportation”, “4 x 3”, “International Passage” and “Inverted Aces”. The show closer and stopper was “Dice Explosion” that never failed to elicit one of the strongest reactions in the show. I also performed my blindfold routine that I have finally fine-tuned over a 8-year period.

I’m glad magicians and the public alike got to see this part of my work which is usually only performed for select clients.

Here I am with the performers for M for Magic LIVE!:

I’m working with Sinema to explore other opportunities to maximize their beautiful theater as it is a perfect venue for close up magic. If you are interested to perform in a close-up setting, drop me a message!


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