What’s in Store for the SG Magic Lecture?

My first and only lecture of the year in Singapore will be held this Sat. This will also be the first time I will be doing my “Urban Underground” show and lecture for the public in Singapore.

If you follow my blog, you know Ning & I had great success with this event in Penang at the beginning of this year.

So, what can you expect for this lecture?

Besides the complete breakdown of my formal close-up show, you will see an updated handling of my “Silver Teleportation” routine as well as “Dice Explosion”. All my routines are constantly evolving and improving so the lecture will feature the latest “tricks”, tips and thinking behind the acts.

One of the most popular parts of the lecture will be having a look inside my close-up case and the elaborate set-up for the show. I, personally, have been very fascinated with close-up case set-ups, especially the well thought out ones; particularly the ones of Paul Gertner, Dominique Duvivier and John Cornelius. My case set-up took months to develop and I think many will be intrigued by the thought put into it.

If you attend the M for Magic: LIVE! show on either 13 or 14 May 2011, you will also get to see the routines I share in action for a real audience.

We only have a limited number of copies (single digit) of the “Urban Underground” DVD left so we will bring the remaining stock for sale at the lecture. Once they are sold out, I’m not sure if we will be producing anymore in the near future as we have other projects that we are working on.

Also on sale at discounted prices will be my “Beyond the Stage” lecture notes and “The Red Envelope” routine.

Buy your lecture ticket HERE. Here is a tip to get a discount code for the lecture. Go to our Facebook page and look for the code. It is in one of the pages that is linked from the tabs on the left of the page.

Cya there!


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