Full Throttle Motorcycle Illusion Version 3.0

I first came up with the design of a motorcycle appearance in end-2004 and had in built in 2005. The goal was to create a practical appearance that could be performed surrounded and in all conditions.

The “perfect” illusion that can fulfill all conditions that illusionists set out does not exist. Performing conditions, practical issues, lighting, size of staging facilities and audience position are all critical elements when staging an illusion. One of the reason that our live mega illusions have been so well-received is because we seemingly are apply to fulfill all these stringent conditions where the audience surrounds the stage and the illusion is performed in full daylight.

Any vehicular illusion is difficult and almost can never fulfill all conditions that illusionists typical set out. There will always be sacrifices and it is up to the individuals to decide which conditions that are comfortable to sacrifice.

I redesigned an improved version in early 2008 (Full Throttle V1.5) and then an even better one in later 2008 (Full Throttle 2.0 or Reloaded). They served their purposes based on conditions I accepted but I never stopped trying to evolve and improve the illusion. I know a common practice is to build an illusion only when it becomes perfect. But since I think perfection is unattainable and more of an illusion (pun intended) for illusions, I subscribe to Nike’s “Just do it” slogan and go ahead with a build when I think the illusion is good, even if not perfect. This allows me to see how the illusion works in the real work, get mileage of it and then rework it to become even better.

I’ve finally worked out the technical design and measurements of an even better version (Version 3.0) of the motorcycle illusion. It is a practical solution that allows us to perform a stunning large-scale illusion for almost any setting.

There are several distinct improvements in this latest version:

  • The motorcycle appears on two  metal pedestals of different heights so that the bike appears at an angle. (Same as in V2: Reloaded)
  • A row of LED lights on the floor, at the back of the apparatus (Same as in V2: Reloaded)
  • Two lights sticks or flashlights can be fed through holes in the sides of the apparatus so that they can used to show the empty inside. (New for Version 3)
  • At the end of the illusion all sides of the apparatus drop down so that the apparatus is open on all fours sides. (New for Version 3)
  • Updated modern and sleek design with elevated legs. (New for Version 3)

Here is my sketch of the apparatus with dimensions that cannot be understood by anyone else on the planet.

I’m looking forward to build this version this year. Once it is built, I will also update my illusion plans for it.


About J C Sum

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