Two Projects for the Magic Community…

I know I have teased this for quite some time. Ning & I have been working on these two projects for quite some thing now. I think we actually started work in Sept 2010, although the concept was conceived much earlier. I thought we would have been ready by Mar 2011 but as this is an international release through our US producer and distributer, there were several production issues that had to be addressed.

One of the projects is the first of its kind in the world and has never been done before – that was one of the reasons we did it. We typically do not produce material for the international magic community as our focus is primarily commercial work but we were approached to do this because we were one of the few illusionists in the world who could put it together.

Being the first of its kind product, the US producer/ distributer wanted to ensure the highest possible quality (as did we) to ensure that it will be a valued resource for magicians for years to come.

The final approval for it will come this coming week and then it will go full swing into production. I expect to be able to announce it in the next 2 weeks!

The other project which will be released simultaneously will be a welcomed item as well that has been endorsed by many magicians worldwide. It is something new and something not-that-new. A bit cryptic? Well, stay tuned.


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