iPhone Magic with Dice “M for Magic” Ep 5

Episode of “M for Magic” is out! Check out Singapore’s other professional female magician, Adeline Ng, as she holds her own in this episode of the new online TV series produced by Sinema TV and hosted by Ning & myself.

She presents some iPhone magic with Bobby Tonelli as well as dice. Check it out on Youtube here or below:

We have several of media interviews lined up for the magicians featured in “M for Magic”. One of them was a live radio interview with The Muttons, Justin Ang and Vernon A, at the 98.7FM studio. I brought Ming Da, Maya and Kyle Ravin down for an afternoon chat.

The whole purpose of “M for Magic” is to give young magicians a platform to showcase themselves, work with Ning & myself, learn and be part of new experiences. The young magicians who stepped up to the plate and submitted their audition videos to be part of “M for Magic” have benefited from the project, just as I have by interacting with them.

Radio interviews can be exciting for first-timers as it is a first time being in a professional radio broadcasting studio and a first time meeting DJs they have heard over the airwaves for years. Speaking on air for a live show can be daunting so I hope the tips and prep work I gave the magicians helped in their debut radio interview. The Muttons were great as usual and Ning & I will be back for a chat with them later in the year!

Our good friend, Ashraf, has put the interview on the web for all of you guys to listen. Check it out here.


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