3 More Days to End of Early Bird Prices of Singapore Magic Lecture

Things have been quiet on the blog-front because of all the work I’ve been tied up with the behind-the-scenes business-front. I’ve been working on a couple of mega illusion pitches, more effects for TV, corporate shows and ironing out final productions issues for our big project that will be launched in the next few weeks (hopefully!)

I’ve also been learning several new skills lately (both magic & non magic skills) and have spent hours understanding and applying the craft with good results. The learning has been time-consuming as with all skills development but very necessary to keep ahead in the game.

Time seems to be moving very fast these weeks, maybe because there is so much to do. But, I must give a big shout-out to all our new fans on Facebook, especially our new Indonesian fans who we reached out to recently. Our huge spike in Facebook fans is largely due to their great support. Terima kasih teman dari Indonesia!

There are only 3 days left to buy EARLY BIRD tickets to my upcoming lecture on 14 May 2011. It will be the first time I will be presenting the “Urban Underground” lecture in Singapore and I do not intend to do so again for some time.

If you are wondering what you can gain from the lecture… everything! As with all my lectures, it is a no holds-barred sharing event. More than the actual mechanics of the routines I perform, the real value is understanding the psychology, thinking and approach to the magic and the presentation/ marketing of close-up in today’s entertainment environment.

New magicians might want to consider the intangible value of learning the secrets behind the magic, especially if they are interested to perform commercially in Singapore.

I’ll also be selling a bunch of stuff at greatly discounted rates, so lecture participants can check those out as well.

Lecture tickets are available at S$25 (early bird) and will be S$35 from 1 May 2011. Buy them HERE.


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2 Responses to 3 More Days to End of Early Bird Prices of Singapore Magic Lecture

  1. How was this show in the end? I missed out on the tickets….will this be on again next year as I am planning to fly out to Sinapore around May time!

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