Extensive Video Illusion Resource in one Channel

Since 2004, I’ve been trying to give back to the magic community through the publication of my original ideas in books and illusion plans.

Ning & I have a new project that will be released very shortly. It has got a lot of people excited as there has never been anything like this before.

Illusions are considered the least accessible brand of magic as secrets and illusion techniques are closely guarded secrets. There are very little resources on the magic market (compared to street magic). There are only two of three illusion designers and creators who have put out material to the international magic community in the past 20 – 30 years. I hope that Ning & I are lending our voices in this area.

One thing we have worked on for some time is assembling a single video resource for the best illusions performances on the Internet. We have created customized PLAYLISTS on the Concept:Magic YouTube channel and handpicked hundreds of videos from thousands to fit into different categories.

We chose illusion performances for different categories that are unique or have learning points for other illusionists to present similar illusion. The goal is not to be imitated but to inspire. Ripoff acts or acts using pirated illusions will not be featured.

The resource site is being supported by the Concept:Magic team and will continually grow and be organized.

Check it out and spread the word. This will become an invaluable resource to illusionists, magicians interested in illusions and fans of large scale magic effects.

Click HERE to get to the Channel.


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