Magic Babe’s Extreme Illusion in M for Magic Episode 2

The 2nd episode of “M for Magic” is now online! The Sinema TV team has done another great job with the editing of the episode. Episode 1 got great feedback and response has been really good. Over 1000 views in 5 days… not too shabby for an independent magic program featuring new talent.

In this 2nd episode, Kyle Ravin performs his brand of “Freak Magic” to Benjamin Heng. To introduce the episode that features more “extreme” magic, Ning presented a new illusion that she had been working on.

Watch the episode below or on YouTube here:

In this opening act, Ning is performing a blindfolded version of a stunt known as the “Human Blockhead”. It is a very dangerous act and there are only a handful of performers who perform this in the world. Ning is the only female magician I know who does.

This act is also part of her one-gal show but she no longer uses a nail as most people do. As a gal who is always pushing the envelope and ensuring she stands out from everyone else, she has upgraded the stunt to a stainless steel nail to a 100mm long drill bit.

You will see this new version captured on film and she will be seen freaking out real audiences and FLY artistes in the season finale of “M for Magic” that will air in June!

WARNING: Do not attempt anything like this yourself. Ning is a professional… and a bit mental.


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