M for Magic LIVE! Theatre Show on 13 & 14 May 2011

Mark for the dates for this very different magic show!

“M for Magic”, the online TV series presented by Sinema Media, J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning and FLY Entertainment will be formatted into a LIVE show at the Sinema Old School in May 2011.

This 70min show is scheduled to run on the following dates/ times:

  • 13 May, Fri – 730pm & 930pm
  • 14 May, Sat – 730pm & 930pm

The venue is a cosy beautiful theatre that has tiered seating with comfy sofa seats.

“M for Magic LIVE!” is best described as a close-up/ parlour show or ironically “street magic” off the streets!

I will perform in and host this theatre show that will also feature several young magicians that also star in the online TV series. A couple of the magicians will also be performing mingling street magic before the show.

Like the online TV show, the purpose of the project is to give another platform to young local talent. It is going to be an awesome show especially with the current popularity of close-up aka street magic.

I will present material from my “Urban Underground” Close-up Magic Show as well as new routines never before seen by the public. Although Ning will be overseas during the show dates, she will appear on-screen as the live audience will get a sneak peek at the killer magic we performed for Irene Ang and 5 other FLY artistes for the season finale of M for Magic. The season finale only airs in Jun 2011.

This is a project I’m really happy about. While I have staged many ticketed stage shows in the past such as “Magic at the Theatre” (2000)*, “Intimate Illusions” (2002), “The Art of Magic” (2005), “Ultimate Magic” (2008 – 2009) and “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” (2010), this will be my first close-up magic show.

* Incidentally, “Magic at the Theatre” was the first ever full evening theatre show ever staged by a solo Singapore magician.

Besides the local magic club shows, there has never been a professionally staged Close-Up theatre show in Singapore. I remember wanting to stage a Close-up Show as early as 2002. My choice at that time was the Guiness Theatre @ the Substation.

Tickets for the “M for Magic LIVE” show will be available from 14 Apr 2011! Check back soon for details on all the magicians being featured in the show!

For full details and featured performers, go to Facebook here.


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