Illusions for Corporate Client

Yesterday night, I presented an illusion show for a Japanese client with all the guests flying in from Japan. As such, it was primarily a visual illusion show with little talking. We featured several large scale illusions and included elements to interact with the audience, even with little dialogue.

For this show, I worked with principal dancer Sam whom I last worked with 5 years before! We did an illusion launch for HP on the Swissotel Helipad 70 stories from the ground! That was a unique awesome show except for the fact that there was no cargo lift and equipment had to be carried up two flights of steps! Also supporting tonight’s show was Adeline who performed one of the major illusion sequences.

When designing a high end show for a client, part of the art is staging show that meets the clients investment and expectation. All staging and technical specifications was designed around our show as our show was the closing highlight of the event.

When we were booked for the show, I chose a couple of our favourite illusions and produced the show. The illusions and flow was determined by the staging design available to us. Even though it was a tight 20min show, it still had a dynamic flow with peaks and valleys and dramatic texture.

Adeline (not the dancer) competently ran the control that included calling the show for audio, visual, lighting and special effects. With 3 technicians under her, she ran the technical cues perfectly and made the show look great!

Illusions with slighlty different presentations included Crystal Appearance, Human Light Tunnel, Light & Space, Impassable and the Extreme Burn Teleportation Illusion.

It was a tremendously well-received show and we got a number of standing ovations from different tables. The crew and dancers did a fantastic job. I’m glad the girls had an enjoyable time and I look forward to work with them again!

Here is an interesting show production note: I relunctantly put in the Floating Table as I needed non-talking material. I removed it from our professional line-up in 2009 because it became a far too common act worldwide among magicians.

However, Sam & I worked out a new choreographed presentation that completely changes the artistic interpretation of the mini-illusion. We call it “Ménage à trois Floating Table” and it is a warped but poetic tri-relationship between both of us and the table. It is the only act that we do not play to the audience. If fact, I can’t remember the last time I had such an act. The audience loved it and we got a great response.

I also squeezed in a bit of close-up magic with the aid of giant video screens and presented my “Silver Teleportation” coin act and the magical transformation of a SG$10 to $10,000 Yen.

Check out all the photos on our Facebook page at

This is the first big illusion show without Ning in 5 years so it felt strangely weird. Shes overseas at the moment but the show must go on! MMLC4L.


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