Full List of Magic & Illusions Designed for 3D TV Magic Special

With all the principal filming done for our 60min 3D TV Magic Special, I thought I would list all the acts designed for the show. Here is the complete list of magic, illusions and stunts we filmed:

  1. Harley Motorcycle Production
  2. Spike Cage Escape
  3. Spiker Illusion with Audience Member
  4. Upside Down Straight Jacket Escape with Line on Fire with No Safety Line
  5. Goldfish from Leaf
  6. Appearing Ice Cream Cone from Napkin
  7. Lime to Banana
  8. Instant Rubik’s Cube
  9. Chinese Chess Piece Transformation
  10. Floating Bangle
  11. Water Freezing & Visual Bandung Production
  12. Wine Glass Shattering
  13. Mini Bus Vanish
  14. 40-Seater Bus Vanish Mega Illusion

We also did a collection of effects for cutaway shots that included magic with rings, coins and money.

That was quite a lot of content filmed at Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown, Emerald Hill, Orchard Rd, Little India, Hippo Bus plying the streets of the Singapore, Singapore River Cruise, an abandoned warehouse, Xtreme Skate Park, The Zoo, F1 Pit Building and the Chingay Parade. That’s at least 12 different locations.

The magic content in the special has never ever been presented by anyone else in Singapore before in terms of quality, scale, variety and quantity. In hindsight, the content is staggering, especially considering the number of outdoor (uncontrollable environment) shoots.

I’m personally impressed with the variety of content we created; specifically, the Harley Production, Bus Vanish Mega Illusion and Straight Jacket Escape. Although not a magic or escape stunt, I know Ning loves her Sai ass-kicking takedown of 6 burly men. She looks like a bonefide movie action star. The producers and directors have also stated that this sequence looks awesome!

Ning & I are really proud to be able to showcase a high level of magic by homegrown illusionists. We are also humbled at the chance to be able to do so much with such a big production team. The combination of good magic with good production results in very good TV. I think the acts will feel very fresh and definitely set a new standard for local magic content. We definitely pushed the envelope for ourselves with this project.

In addition, we are also very happy with all the other routines and effects as we presented them in such a way that showcased our personalities and the dynamics of our relationship.

Look forward to the finished product, although I have no idea how and when it will be mass distributed.

Here are some of my favourite behind the scenes photos from our filming, Incidentally, I have ordered the photos in the way you will see them laid out in the actual edited program. Check out all the photos at our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening


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3 Responses to Full List of Magic & Illusions Designed for 3D TV Magic Special

  1. Amy says:

    Hi, may i know which abandoned warehouse did u film at?

    Thank you,


  2. Amy says:

    Thank you for your kind reply. do you know which authority i can contact with regards to filming.


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