Upcoming Happenings in April 2011

The end of the week will see me attend the first ever TEDxNTU event as the closing speaker. I might be on Class 95 with Jean Danker and Bobby Tonelli this week to talk about it. I’ll keep u updated!

The next day after TEDxNTU will be a full day of filming for the final segment of our 3D TV special. I hope there will be a big wrap party after that!

The day after that, I will head to the MediaCorp studio for an appearance for the “We are Singaporeans” TV game show taping. The producer contacted me to present some magic and I agreed to do a quick piece.

As my TV month comes to a close at the end of the month, I’m continuing work on a couple of projects. April will continue with bread and butter illusion shows. I’m also trying to finalize details of a new public show in May. This show will be something I’ve been working on for some time but never staged before. If you are following this blog, the actual format and style of the show will not be a surprise.

The groundbreaking project for magicians that I highlighted almost a month ago is set to hit international magic dealers very soon. Amidst our TV tapings, we have been tweaking the final product. Stay tuned for updates if you are a magician.

I’m working on staging the new version of “The Impalement Cage” sometime, somewhere soon. A couple of potential clients have indicated interest so let’s see how this pans out. I also have 3 more mega illusion/ stunt ideas so it could be any of those as well.

This ‘new’ cage is amped up version of a mega escape I created for Ning in 2008 but have made some serious new additions in 2011. Not just in terms of design but overall presentation.

A gentle reminder: We are running an on-going contest on our Facebook page now. Win tickets to the taping of “We are Singaporeans” on 28 Mar 2011, Mon at 630pm!

All you have to do this post on our Facebook wall + your own Facebook wall: “I want tickets to “We are Singaporeans” from J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning.”

Follow the link to our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening

We are giving out two pairs of tickets FREE so if you would like to attend the TV taping of this show, make your post now. Closing date is next Wed, 23 Mar 2011.


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