Magic at the Zoo for 3D TV Magic Special

Yesterday was another 12-hour shoot day for two different shows. The first 3/4s of the day was for our 3D TV special and we filmed at the zoo!

In terms of feel and mood of this segment, it is the most laid back and “family oriented” part of the entire show. Naturally, designed to appeal to that specific demographic, our magic was also designed to reflect nature and children.

Inspired by nature, we created “life from life” with the source of life by making a few fish appear from a leaf that was filled with water. What made this so special is not the magic but the fact we were inches away from two orang-utans. Towards the end of the routine, one of them actually bumped into my back. Another one went so far to try to take a sip from the glass that was holding the fish we magically produced. It was an awesome endearing sequence captured on film that can almost never be replicated.

It is the school holidays so there were lots of kids with their families. We did a routine just for the kids and Ning magically produced a vanilla ice cream cone from a crushed up napkin balls.

We filmed different TV hosting links at various locations and almost presented smaller magic effects for the camera. It was a relatively easy shoot compared to other days but I’m not complaining!

Check out the full behind the scenes photo album on our Facebook page. “Like” the page for the latest photos and news as well as another contest we are going to hold soon!


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